CEO FTWWJ About Page
CEO FTWWJ About Page

All of the qualifications and accolades listed regarding Jessica's performance are spot on. However, it's more important to know that she possesses the utmost integrity and honesty in any working condition. This is the most valuable asset for a business and not something a C.V. or resume illustrates very well. Additionally, Jessie is affable, which makes professional interactions with clients easier.
Jonathan Leahey, President, Leahey Consulting Group for over 25 years

I strongly recommend Jessie as a leader. Jessie is energetic, insightful, and persistent. We acquired a new product line and needed a technical writer to create professional, current manuals in compliance with applicable regulations. Jessie, was quickly up to speed and producing on-point content. She researched and incorporated applicable regulations. Her work product was excellent. In her research, Jessie discovered and brought to light a number of company website and online presence issues, exemplifying a broader understanding of her environment and willingness to participate in its betterment. Jessie is sharp and tenacious and will be a productive asset in whatever she does.
Clayton English, Director of Operations, Sturtevant Inc.

I grew up in rural Maine, attended high school in Haverhill, Massachusetts and music school in Princeton. I was a musician and songwriter in NYC for 15 years, and earned a science degree in Psychology that continuously informs my decisions and understanding, communication and motivation.

In sixth grade, a teacher submitted my poem about time to a local periodical without my knowledge and it was published. That an adult audience, with whom I couldn't fathom I had a thing in common, valued my words and perspective forever changed me. Not only did words have more power than I had imagined, suddenly I knew that my voice mattered.

Since that moment, regardless of professional or personal context, finding words to connect with people and demonstrate understanding for their experience has been my highest priority.

I am honored to help people and companies find their voice and create messaging that powerfully conveys the unique magic their people, services, and products deliver.

Jonathan Leahey Operations & Management Consultant
Jonathan Leahey Operations & Management Consultant

Jessie's clients

"Jessie McLaren is an exceptional writer.
Her process helped departments collaborate."
Jessi Tanguy, Buyer, Sturtevant Inc.


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