"Jessie McLaren is a rockstar whose process is a total game changer.
She helped me connect my leadership style, core values and voice as an expert. Her messaging increased traffic and impressions by over 1000% in one day. 48 hours after Jessie rebranded and optimized my resume and online presence, I had 9 inbound prospect meetings and director level interviews scheduled. Jessie's mind and skills are top notch. However, I was surprised by how fun and inspiring her process was. Plus, she kept me laughing the whole time. I can't recommend Jessie enough. You won't regret hiring her. "
Ron Boisselle, CEO, Boisselle Industrial Maintenance Consulting

"It has been an honor working alongside Jessie. Jessie is incredibly talented when it comes to outbound market awareness and the strategies that accompany a successful campaign for everything from SEO analysis to tailoring a message for the subtleties of sub-audiences within target industries. She is incredibly bright, intuitive, and energetic. Ever the optimist, Jessie is quite capable as a problem solver, never afraid to find the positive in even the toughest of situations so as to chart a way to success. It is with great willingness and fortitude that I recommend Jessie.
Zachary Chertok, Marketing Strategist; Adjunct Associate, Columbia University

I have known Jessie for decades. She has been my Creative Consultant or Copywriter/Editor on numerous projects. I was Jessie's Molecular Biology Consultant/Science Editor on several of her projects. It always amazes me how fine Jessie's intellect is. She has this consistent ability to master new information, and conquer challenges, with an ease I have almost never seen matched. Jessie is trustworthy and kind. She makes people laugh with a resilient humor she brings to everything. Jessie will exceed your expectations as a person, project manager, writer and marketing strategist.
Melanie Sullivan Kutschke,
Molecular Biologist and Middle School Science Teacher


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brown tabby cat on white wooden window
brown tabby cat on white wooden window